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Touch Rugby

What is Touch Rugby?

Playing in a six-on-six format, touch rugby uses the same rules as traditional rugby but instead of tackling opponents, you touch them with one hand to prevent them from scoring points.  Once an opponent is touched, they then initiate a roll ball on the ground through their legs to a teammate who can then try to advance down the field with their teammates.  Also unique to touch rugby is that if a team cannot get a “try” or score within six touches down the field, the ball will be turned over to the other team.  Games are 10 min halves with a short halftime break. The field is divided into two halves so that two games can be played simultaneously.

Event Venue

Canada Games Stadium Turf Field


Saturday June 22nd – Time: 10am-4pm (Note, Rugby 7’s will be played in between the Touch Games)


All Players Must be a minimum age of 18 or older.

Team Registration – we will be accepting only 4 Co-Ed teams.  $150 per Team

Individual Registration – if you would like to join a team.  $15 per player

Register Here


$150/Co-Ed team with a maximum of 12 player via e-transfer

The main purpose of the tournament is to have a team of mixture Rugby Skill levels (New, Current and Retired Players)

* Each Team MUST have at least 2 Female Players on the Roster.

* Try to limit the Current Players to only 2-3 to ensure Teams will have a mixture of Skill Level.

Special Instructions

* 12 Players Max allowed on the Roster (Mixture of New/Current/Retired Players)

* 6 players allowed on the Pitch with at least 1 Female and 1 Male Player at all times.

* 10 min Halves with a short halftime break (Games are 25 mins in Total)

* Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.) Rules will be applied

*Each Team will play 3 games (one against each team).  The Top Two Teams will compete for the Championship.

*Gold and Silver for the top two teams


Tournament Organizer: Josh Wells via Saint John Touch Rugby