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The East Coast Games is Saint John’s major tournament weekend and Atlantic Canada’s largest annual sporting event.

The East Coast Games has been created to offer a major multi-sport tournament weekend in Saint John. The event is meant to draw athletes and teams from across the province, Atlantic Canada and the Eastern United States. The competitions themselves will provide a valuable opportunity for our officials to continue to develop their skills. A three-day multi-sport event and an exciting collection of provincial and regional tournaments attracting athletes of all ages.

Key Facts



Age Groups

All ages: 8 to Masters


20 Sports

– Promote a healthy lifestyle

– Develop our volunteering and officiating skills

– Promote our region for future sporting events

– Promote the sports to encourage participation

– Provide competitors with fun and memorable weekend

– Give participants a large-scale sporting experience

– Raise the profile of each tournament through awareness building activities and local buzz


Join us for a fantastic weekend in Saint John! Enjoy the games through becoming a sponsor, volunteering, spectating, or being one of the amazing athletes participating!