East Coast Games 2024

June 22-23, 2024

Harbourview High School 305 Douglas Ave., Saint John, NB

Coordinator: David Collins fundyfencingclubsj@gmail.com 506-636-0941

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Membership: All participants must hold a valid CFF license and provincial membership at the time of competition. Because the East Coast Games is the last event of the season, athletes registered with FENB as “Fencing Members” or “Recreational Fencing Members” are eligible to participate.

Refund/Withdrawal: Participants may withdraw from the competition before the close of check-in for any reason and receive a refund of event fees (minus processing applicable fees) provided they notify the organizers (see contact info above) and receive confirmation from them before that check-in time.

Merchandise: All participants and volunteers in the East Coast Games receive a free T-shirt in one of two colours while supplies last.

Format: All events are mixed gender.
One round of pools (5 touch bouts or 3 minutes) followed by 100% advancement to direct elimination (DEs).
– In U15 and Open events, DEs will be to 15 touches or a maximum of three periods of 3 minutes to final.
– U13 and U11 events, DEs will be to 10 touches or a maximum of two periods of 3 minutes to final.
Team format: Sabre fencers will be put into even teams by the tournament organizers. Epee fencers are encouraged to form teams independently, but will be placed in a team as needed. The team format will be determined by the number of registrants.
Overlapping events:
A fencer registered in overlapping events may be asked to withdraw from one event if the
overlap causes a significant delay in either event.
The East Coast Games Tournament organizers reserve the right to modify the elimination round of an event or adjust the format at any time.
Required Equipment:
– Fencing breeches must be worn. They must cover below the knee and long socks must
be worn with breeches.
– A fencing sous-plastron is required.
– Masks must have a secure strap and be able to pass the 12 kg punch test.
– Female participants must wear a chest protector.
– It is recommended that all participants have at least 2 weapons and 2 body cords.

Armoury: Fencing mask and glove must be checked by the tournament armourer for safety prior to competing. Masks and gloves must be clean when being tested. Electric equipment will not be checked at this time, but the appropriate penalties will be assessed on piste by the referee if a fencer presents with equipment that does not work.

COVID-19 Protocols: Face masks are recommended inside at all times by all participants, including athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators, unless actively fencing/warming up. We will update protocols closer to the tournament if necessary. Participants who are feeling ill or have COVID symptoms should stay home.

Canteen: There will be a light canteen available on-site.


Tournament Director: David Collins fencingnb@gmail.com / 506-636-0941

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