This Summer, the Saint John Table Tennis Open  is part of the East Coast Games!

The SJTT Club have combined efforts with the ECG Executive Committee to deliver not one, not two, but THREE awesome table tennis events:
– Team’s event
– Double’s event
– Single’s event 

And the single’s event will be an official NBTTA event, valid for TTCAN Ratings. 

Irving Oil Field House
129 McAllister Dr, Saint John, NB E2J 2S7

Team’s and Double’s event: 24-JUN-2023
Single’s event: 25-JUN-2023

8 competition tables (e.g. Stiga Optimum 30) 
Balls: 3-star Double Fish V40+ (WTT Event Ball!) 

Maximum capacities for each event: 

24-Jun-2023 (Team’s and Double’s):
6 Teams with 3 or 4 players  (Under 15) 
6 Teams with 3 or 4 players (Under 19)
6 Teams with 3 or 4 players (All ages – Open) 
8 Doubles (Under 15: Male, Female or Mixed) 
8 Doubles (Under 19: Male, Female or Mixed) 
8 Doubles (All ages: Male, Female or Mixed)

25-Jun-2023 (Single’s):
16 players (Under 15)  
16 players (Under 19)  
32 players (All ages / Open)  

Entries will be accepted in a first come first serve basis, deadline: 19-JUN-2023. 
Waiting lists will be created accordingly, as required. 

Tournament Structure:
Seeding as per TTCAN Ratings (05-JUN-2023) or Referee’s estimated rating points for new players. 
Group Phase (Round Robin) and/or a Knock Out phase. 

Participating in both days and on all 3 events can be physically demanding. We recommend teams of 4 players so the team can benefit from a rotation system (for each contest, the team selects 3 players). 
The team event will be played according to the Olympic format, two single matches, followed by a double match, followed by two single matches, if required:

Team ABC versus Team XYZ
#1    A x Y
#2    B x X
#3 BC x YZ
#4   C x X
#5   A x Z

Because of that, if a Team has only 3 players, each person may end up playing 8 matches in the same day, and this is only accounting for the Team’s event. 

1st, 2nd and 3rd places of each event. 

Schedule (24th & 25th):
08:30 – 9:30 Warmup
09:30 – 16:30 All events scheduled for the day 
16:30 – 17:00 Closing Ceremony of the day

Failure to attend your respective event or match may result in forfeit. Recommended maximum waiting time is 15min.

Referee: Virgilio Santos
Assistant Referee: Michel Ichiy

Virgilio Viter Santos
Saint John Table Tennis

Registration can be done here!


For more information contact Tournament Director Virgilio Santos and Michel Ichiy